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    Personalise your Phone with our Chain Straps

    Feel like your phone looks bare or impersonal? Coconut Lane provides everything you need to customise your device, including our chain phone straps.

    Chains have been used in fashion for decades, but they became particularly popular during the punk movement of the 1970s and 1980s. Ideal for those who love an edgy look, our chain straps are ideal for channelling your inner punk! 

    Express your rebellious side with our accessories. 

    Your phone will instantly have panache with one of these straps. These chains come in various colours, so can easily be matched with your phone case. Ideal for style enthusiasts, these accessories are unique, fun and eye-catching. 

    Since they’re detachable, they can also be added to handbags for a touch of attitude. 

    Our chain straps come in many styles and colours. 

    Our chain straps make it easy to personalise your phone case according to your style preferences. From glamorous black and tortoise shell designs, through to colourful pastel straps, there’s so many varieties available. 

    Highly affordable, they make lovely gifts for anyone who’s a phone enthusiast. Made from a durable design, they can be attached to our lanyard cut-out port on the side of your case.