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    Without the right phone case, it only takes one drop and wham: there’s those dreaded spider cracks. Replacing a screen is not only inconvenient but can be costly. However, Coconut Lane appreciates that finding the right phone case can be equally time consuming!

    All too often standard phone cases on the high street are often uninspiring, or it’s tricky to find the right one for your device. However, we all rely on our phones on a daily basis so investing in a high quality case can make all the difference.

    Ultimately, you want one that’s tough, stylish and still makes your device a pleasure to use. No matter if you have an iPhone or Samsung, finding a case that ticks all the right boxes can be surprisingly difficult.

    If your phone has long been in need of a make-over, Coconut Lane can come to the
    rescue with our adorable yet practical cases.

    Our standard phone cases will protect your device without compromising on style. They come in a myriad of styles, from the glamorous and cutesy, through to quirky, cute and sophisticated. Whether you fancy having a touch of bling with a gold case, or love a romantic pearlescent look, Coconut Lane’s cases are made with the greatest love and care.

    We have everything from mirrored phone cases, to those decorated with adorable patterns like hearts and smiley faces. Whatever your tastes or personality, there’s a standard phone case for everyone among our collection.

    Since all our cases provide exceptional protection, your phone will always be safeguarded from any falls or impacts. They have high quality features that ensure that your device is still easy to use.