Our #FierceAndKind Collection

As many of you Queens will know, us girls at CL are total animal lovers and hate nothing more than animal cruelty. With one of our 10 commandments being, ‘always be kind to animals’, we’re all for supporting the welfare of endangered species and aiding their protection!

So with that in mind and today being World Animal Day, we thought it was the perfect time to share some exciting news with you....Today huns, is the launch of our NEW #FierceAndKind Phone Case Collection! Not only are they super cute and adorable, but with 50% off the profits going to the African Wildlife Foundation, these phone cases are for a fantastic cause. 

Statistics from AWF.com, 2018

So who are the AWF?

Covering three regions of Africa, the African Wildlife Foundation is a truly inspirational association that not only protects wildlife and their habitats, but aids Africa’s economic development and empowerment of local communities.

It shocked us to find that 90% of West Africa’s original forests have been wiped out. That Rhinos are stalked for their horns and Giraffes are slaughtered for their meat. Amongst many other horrifying issues the AWF are trying to tackle, the most shocking statistic yet, is that all these issues are caused due to consumer demand!

In the last few weeks at CL HQ, we’ve been truly saddened by the shocking extinction statistics shared by the AWF and the threats Africa’s wildlife are facing. Due to this, we felt it was only right that we did something to help the foundation...

With 6 new phone cases, all inspired by Africa’s gentle giants, we thought we would share with you some of our FAVE facts about some of Africa's wildlife! Plus, you'll get a sneak peak at the NEW phone cases....


1. Giraffes

Up first are the gorgeous Giraffes of Africa. Obvs we are totally envious of their killer legs, but giraffes are one seriously elegant species that we are totally obsessed with!

Although being the tallest mammal in the world, giraffes necks are actually too short to reach the ground which results in the awkwardly spreading their front legs – which we think is totally adorable! Unlike us gals who are never far away from a cocktail, a giraffe only needs to drink once every few days to stay hydrated.

DiscoverWildlife.com, 2018

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2. African Elephants

With elephants being one of the most emotional and gentle giants in the world (with some serious attitude of course), we thought it was only right they got a huge shoutout.

With their distinctive long curved tusks and massive trunk, the African elephant is the world’s largest land mammal. They use their huge ears to protect themselves from the harsh sun and to signify aggression and happiness as well as being able to hear up to 6.2 miles away!

Possibly one of our FAVE phone cases from the collection, we know you gals are going to love it as much as we do!

Animal Fact Guide, 2018

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3. Rhinos

Sadly the Northern White Rhino has recently become extinct, and therefore we think it’s all the more important to address how key it was for us to show our love for the African Rhino in one of our designs...

Despite their huge size and intimidating appearance, the Rhino is actually a herbivore and it totally uninterested in preying on other animals – although a ‘quiet’ nature, the Rhino gets frightened easily and instinctively charges when it feels threatened. Often found sleeping, (sounds familiar), Rhinos are known to roll around in mud to protect their skin from the African heat. 

NatGeo, 2018

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4. Leopards

Possibly one of the most sassiest animals on the planet, (probably why we love them so much), we know you Queens are going to adore our Leopard Print Phone Case.

As many of your will know, leopards are unfortunately hunted for their fur. Despite the fact their fur looks so much better on them then it does on humans, that doesn't stop poaches rapidly reducing their population for the distinctive fur. 

Being the strongest climbers out of all large cats, leopards spend much of them time in the trees tops stalking their prey. With what we like to call a serious girl boss attitude, leopards are known for seeking opportunity. They have a cunning approach to hunting which makes them one of Africa's most renowned predators

AWF.com, 2018

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 We seriously cannot stress how important it is to make ourselves aware of the dangers these vulnerable animals are facing. So, we really hope you gals love and appreciate the course as much as we do and grab yourselves one of our 6 fabulous Phone Cases.

Check out the African Wildlife Foundation here

Written By Lizzie Robinson