Our 5 Fave Festive Bakes

With us gals being such foodies and Christmas literally just around the corner, we couldn’t resist putting together a Christmas baking blog post!

Whether you dream of reindeer macaroons or just love all those festive flavours, us gals think there’s nothing more festive than cosying up by the fireplace, sipping on hot chocolate and indulging in all that Christmas goodness! To give you Queens some baking inspo, here are our top 5 go to Christmas bakes...


1. Mince Pies a Million

Is it even Christmas if you’re not indulging in mince pies? Already sharing around the office, us gals LOVE a mince pie (or two)...

So easy to make and super affordable, mince pies are the perfect treat to share with your gals! For a super cute and girly vibe, cutting mini pastry hearts looks adorable – but, as its Christmas, we went for a more traditional look with stars!

Top tip: Once cool, dust your mince pies in icing sugar – looks so chic and professional!


2. Gingerbread Cupcakes

You gals know how much we love our cupcakes at CL, so when we saw these gingerbread ones, we HAD to make them!

As it’s December, the perfect time for indulging, we’re going all out this year by topping our cupcakes in luxurious icing and mini gingerbread men! Totally cute and adorable, these cupcakes are perfect for baking whilst enjoying a Christmassy night in with the squad!

Top tip: For the ultimate festive cupcake, make sure you’ve got some Christmas themed cupcake cases.


3. Reindeer Cookies

Our simplest and cutest bake yet has got to be these reindeer cookies! Perfect for dunking in your hot chocolate or sharing around the office, these cookies are SO easy to make – literally so easy!

For your lazy gals, buying bought biscuits and decorating is super quick and perfect if you’re in a hurry! However, for gals who like to start from scratch, a simple shortbread or cookie recipe is perfect. Of course you can be as detailed as you like but us gals like to keep it chic and simple with a delicate splash of icing for the face.

Top tip: Keep the biscuits plain so you can decorate with red and brown icing to create a reindeer face.


4. Christmas Pudding

Christmas is a time for indulging and us gals are more than happy to eat all the cake and Christmas pudding! Perhaps not to every gals taste, a Christmas pudding is a must and perfect for a festive centre piece.

Although slightly tricky to master, us gals love baking a traditional Christmas pudding. Complete with a sprig of holly and a dollop of brandy butter, you’ve got yourself the perfect pudding for sharing with the family!

Top tip: Bake in advance! You want the pudding to have soaked up all that brandy for a super intense and festive flavour.


5. Marshmallow Mountain

Whether you’re in need of a movie snack of something to indulge in whilst sifting through emails, these chocolate covered marshmallows are perfect!

Not only do the look really effective, they are super easy to make and perfect for popping on top of your hot chocolate. As it a festive bake we chose a candy cane as our topper but anything Christmas related would be great.

Top tip: Add your candy cane before setting in the fridge – it will set and be the perfect marshmallow holder.


Written By Lizzie Robinson