How We Find Inspiration and Stay Motivated

Here at CL we know how hard our Queens work and everyday we are totally inspired by their dedication, #GirlBoss attitude and fabulous content!... But, we also know that staying motivated when your fresh out of ideas (especially when running your own empire), can become somewhat tricky and a challenge in itself!

Because us gals know the feeling all too well, we thought we would share with you our fave four ways to find inspiration!

With this is mind gals, remember it’s totally okay to have less productive days than others, we can’t be fabulous all the time!


1. Sharing the Struggle

If you’re like us, being independent is SO important and makes you feel totally empowered and in control. Within this, we often struggle to ask for help or admit when we’re having a bad day or lacking motivation. For us gals at CL, the best way we overcome the irritating niggle that is, ‘no motivation’, is sharing with our gals. Whether that’s having a rant, admitting we’ve got a serious case of bloggers writing block or just asking for an outsiders opinion, sharing is a FAB way of taking a weight of your shoulders and more often than not leaves you feeling refreshed and totally fabulous again!


2. Fellow Blogging Babes

We always love finding new blogs to read and it’s always so inspiring seeing other gals #GirlBoss attitude and boss babe work ethic! So for those days when we’re feeling totally de-motivated and struggling to come up with new content, browsing other blogs for inspiration, content and what’s currently fresh on the blogging scene is an amazing way to spark your own new ideas!

Currently our go to gals for inspiration are:

Lizzy McLovin

Fashion Mumblr

Stephy Travels


3. Taking Time Out

There’s nothing worse than being sat at your laptop starring at a blank screen and pulling your hair out for ideas. It’s time to accept gals that the words just aren’t flowing today...

When this happens, we find the best way to overcome it is closing your laptop and doing something completely different. No Instagram, no blog reading and NO work. Go and do something else you enjoy, have an hour of pampering or go for a walk, or in classic Queen style, bake some cookies!

We often find that taking time away to clear our mind works wonders with letting our mind relax and unwind. You’re sure to come back to your laptop later and feel positive and in a better frame of mind.


4. A Little Reminder

It’s 100% normal to get stuck in a rut and become very complacent in your job. Working for yourself or from home can be even more of a struggle if you’re easily distracted or you’re struggling with creativity.

For moments like these, us gals like to grab a fresh notebook off the shelf and write a list of all the things we love about our job. This doesn’t just apply to bloggers, it could be for any job, but in this instance we remind ourselves of all the positive things about our careers and jobs roles! For us there is nothing more rewarding than seeing you gals taking pics of our products, discovering new Queens and getting to know all our blogging babes...

So next time you feel like you’re in need of some inspiration gals, write yourself a reminder of ALL the things you love in work, your personal life or things that make you smile - it will not only help to inspire you but remind you that it's just a bad day and tomorrow will be fabulous! And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a list.


Written By Lizzie Robinson