Coconut Lane

Beauty Balm - Total Babe

For all our on-the-go gals, it's no good building your empire if you aren't looking after your number 1 (yourself). Get a fresh and fruity boost with our Watermelon #TotalBabe Balm. 

Ready to meet the most instagrammable Beauty Balms EVER? And they're not just a pretty tube... Coconut Lane's Beauty Balms are packed full of nourishing ingredients to soothe those dry areas and restore that perfect pout. Rich in Cocoa and Shea Butter and bursting with Vitamin E, they will quickly become your hydration heroes. 

  • NO Parabens or Silicones
  • Vegan & Naturally Derived
  • Clear in Colour
  • Flavour: Watermelon
  • Size: 15ml