Our 6 Fave Sweet Treats

Whether you’ve had a killer shopping sesh, a total pamper day or you’re just exhausted from being so fabulous, every gal deserves a cheat day right?!

Us gals at CL know all too well the struggle of wanting that gorgeous beach bod but also craving that second doughnut, (the struggle is real).  Today Queens, we’re throwing healthy out the window and treating ourselves to some serious indulgent goodies!

Here are our top 6 seriously yummy treats perfect for sharing with the squad...


1. Classy Gal Macaroons

Nothing says French sophistication quite like a macaroon! This is one seriously classy treat gals, perfect to share around at afternoon tea or brunch whilst gazing at the Eiffel Tower - or in our case, Netflix.

PS. Us gals recommend Crème Brulee flavour, it’s our FAVE!


2. Rose Gold Strawberries

Perfect for snacking and ideal for a girls night in, chocolate covered strawberries are our latest obsession! The slightly more ‘healthy’ option for our Queens and SO Instagrammable, these rose gold chocolate covered strawberries are incredible!


3. Dough-nut Judge Us

Life doesn’t get much better than marbled doughnuts right? This classic treat has had a marble makeover and looks absolutely delicious! If you gals can turn down a second one, your will power is stronger than ours!


4. Getting Cosy With Cupcakes

No Queen can resist a sweet treat whilst watching the Bake Off right? We’re all about that cupcake life, so what better way of combining our love of unicorns and cake then with these beauties! For you gals who prefer a more classic cupcake, vanilla and butter cream would deffo be our second choice!


5. Movie Magic and Popcorn

Are you even having a movie night if you don’t have popcorn? To throw the ultimate slumber party, a sassy chick flick and popcorn are essential! Go for either a classic sweet or salty flavour OR to really impress your squad add some sparkle! For a super cute retro vibe, we LOVE presenting our popcorn in these tiny tubs!


6. Cookies Are Everything

Good day? Bad day? Or in serious need of comfort food? No matter what the occasion, cookies are our number one! It’s very rare to find us gals in the office without our hand in the cookie jar! Super gooey and perfect for dipping in hot chocolates, we’re obsessed with baking cookies! To add a little sass, pink food colouring is perfect!


Written By Lizzie Robinson