Need a little boost?

We are living in a very scary time right now, with so many things out of our control. We know a lot of people are struggling with the overwhelming news about the current situation. It is of course important to stay informed but it is also okay to take a break and look for the good in such an overwhelmingly bad situation.

We wanted to share some pieces of good news we have heard to hopefully help anyone who is struggling to stay positive at the moment. We hope this can bring some comfort to you all. Please share with anyone who needs some positivity right now.

1. China has officially closed their last emergency hospital and yesterday China reported no new local infections for the first time.

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2. For the first time in many years, the water flowing through the canals of Venice is clear. Fish are visible in the water and swans have returned.


3. In France and Italy, videos of people singing and cheering from their balconies are circulating. So amazing to see people coming together at a time like this.

Watch here!

4. A 103 year old women made a dramatic recovery after fighting the virus for 6 days.

5. In the US, the first human trial of a vaccine to protect against the virus has started. 45 people have volunteered to take part.

6. A personal trainer has been taking classes from the roof of an apartment block! All the residents are taking part from their own balconies, trying to keep fit during isolation.

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7. In Detroit, water services have been restored to homes with unpaid bills. This will make sure everyone can keep washing their hands.

8. A video of an elderly couple recreating their cancelled cruise has gone viral.

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 9. Football fans in Italy have reportedly donated any refund from tickets to hospitals.

10. Many shops now have dedicated opening times specifically for people over the age of 70. This lets them buy vital items that are quickly selling out and shop with peace of mind that the store has been sufficiently cleaned.

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