Our Fave National Ice Cream Day Treats

We were starting to think our week couldn’t get any better....then we realised today is National Ice Cream Day! YAS gals.

Not only is this the best news EVER, but it’s the perfect excuse to indulge in all the ice cream.

So chicas, whether you’re stuck in the office, chilling outside in the sun or you’ve got the gals over for dinner - we’ve put together a list of our top 5 ice cream puddings that are perfect for all that ice cream indulging...


1. Ice Cream Tacos

First up are these super cute ice cream tacos!

Not only do they look totally adorable and Instagrammable, but they are perfect for summer parties and BBQ's.

To make, simply buy some cone tacos and vanilla and strawberry ice cream. Generously fill each taco and cover in sprinkles, (or whatever topping you like) - and voila! So simple, so effective and SO pretty.

PS. Keep them in the freezer until your ready to serve!


2. Cookie Dough Sandwich 

Seriously, who doesn't love cookie dough?

Because we are totally obsessed with Ben and Jerry's, we thought why not take some cookie inspiration and make a fabulous pudding.

Firstly they look totally irresistible, but they are SO easy to make. Buy yourself some pre-made cookie dough and roll out to approx 1cm thick. Place into a baking tray and generously cover with vanilla ice cream and extra chocolate if you're feeling totally indulgent. Then place a second layer of cookie dough on top and pop in the freezer. 

When your ready to impress your guests, cut large (obvs) slices and place neatly onto a tray....and watch them disappear. 


3. Vegan Matcha Ice Cream Bowls

Because so many of our Queens are Vegan, we thought it was only right we included a delicious vegan ice cream treat - and what better than this matcha and pistachio ice cream bowl!

Again another easy recipe for you gals to follow....grab yourself some matcha ice cream (or add matcha to vanilla ice cream and mix well), place into a cute glass bowl and top with pistachios and coconut shreds.

Super delicious and the perfect dessert to show off your sophisticated side.


4. Stripy Ice Cream Pops

Bossin' the cute and girly vibe, we're obsessed with these stripy ice cream pops!

Perfect for a squad sleepover or movie night, we think it's essential you gals give these a try.

Either buy a pre made brownie mix OR mix melted butter and crushed biscuits together and line a baking tray. Once baked, leave to set and cool completely. Then cover the mix in chocolate ice cream and leave to set. Continue this process with vanilla and then strawberry ice cream...

Before setting your last layer, gently push in some popsicle sticks until you feel them touch the base of the tin. Freeze again and then cut in to chunks, ensuring the popsicle stick is central to each portion. 


5. Coffee Ice Lollies

Whether you in need of an afternoon pick me up, or generally just craving caffeine - these coffee ice lollies are essential to all Queens!

Super simple to make, and perfect for getting our coffee fix in the summer. 

To make you will need an ice lolly mould, coffee and milk...Simply get a large glass or container and add 6 teaspoons of coffee, (that's one teaspoon per lolly), add a splash of hot water and mix the coffee. Then add your milk, (because we're trying to be slightly healthier we're making ours with coconut milk!). Once stirred, add into the mould and freeze until set.

There you go gals, our top 5 ice cream puddings that are super simple to make and are the perfect indulgent treat! Happy #NationalIceCreamDay


Written By Lizzie Robinson