How to throw a last minute New Years Eve Party

With all the Christmas festivities drawing to a close, what better way to finish the year that going out in style....that’s right chicas, a New Year's Eve party! Any excuse for all the bubbles and sparkles, us gals LOVE a party!

To celebrate the end of one fabulous year and the beginning of another, us gals have put together our top 5 ways of throwing a last minute New Years Eve Party! Whether you’re totally inspired to throw an epic gals night in, a festive family gathering or the ultimate night to remember, us gals at CL are SO ready to start the celebrations...again!


1. Pom Poms and Lights

It wouldn’t be a CL party if we didn’t go OTT with all the decorations now would it! We’re talking lights, pom poms and a final use of Christmas baubles to set a fabulous and girly theme to your party. Of course if you’re not sticking to a Queens signature colour, a gorgeous gold or shimmering silver themed array of decorations would be perfect! Just make sure your home, (or wherever your hosting the party) is decorating head to toe in ALL the sparkles!

Top tip: Get your squad round to help setup – it’s the perfect time to snap some fab Insta’s and spend time with your BFF’s.


2. Snacking and Table Decs

You gals know that here at CL we are total foodies and we love nothing more than a pink cupcake!

Perfect for a New Year’s party and the centre piece at the table, a fabulous tray of cupcakes is perfect for your guests to snack on between glasses of champagne! Decorate your table in all the tinsel (the only time tinsel is allowed) and scatter some cute table confetti for ultimate flatlay goals!


3. Pink Bubbles and Candy

The sound of bubbles pouring is like music to a Queens ears – and let’s face it, are you even having a party if you don’t crack out the champagne!

Depending on whether you opt for bubbles or cocktails, us gals love a cute garnish on our drinks, (its all in the details right?)...For the ultimate cute a girly vibe, top your champagne with a generous amount of candy floss – SO cute and super delicious!

If you’re going for a more subtle party theme, how about lining the rims of the glass with sugar syrup and dipping in sherbet? So effective and perfect for adding extra pizzazz (yep we said it) to your drinks!


4. Dress To Impress

As if we  need an excuse to wear our best dress and all the glitter...a New Years Eve party is the perfect time to whip out that sassy dress you’ve been keeping in the back of your closet!

OBVS us gals our going for something pink, chic and glittery but you gals can go for anything that makes you feel totally fabulous! Whether that’s a total #Girlboss one piece, a cute and feminine dress or a classic festive jumper and skirt combo – paired with a killer pair of heels and you’ll be totally slaying!

For some festive outfit inspo, head over to our Sleighing In Christmas Jumpers blog post.


5. Time For Singing Christmas Songs

Once you’ve had that extra glass of bubbles, being the first on the dance floor always seems like a FAB idea! But hey, as long as you’ve got some epic tunes playing and you’re living your best party life, who cares?!

Whether you going all out of the Christmas tunes or mixing it up with 2017 classics, there’s nothing us gals love more than dancing around singing in to a hair brush (champagne bottle) with the gals!

Top tip: Set up a Spotify or Youtube playlist way ahead of the party – the last thing a hostess needs is a mad rush to find the right party tunes!


Written By Lizzie Robinson