How to throw a last minute 4th july party

Gals, how are we in July already! Seriously though, where has this year even gone?!

We might be in the UK chicas, but for all our lovely American gals, we thought we would give our top tips on throwing a fabulous 4th July Party. We might not do it as big as the US but we sure can try! Plus, we love any excuse for a party!

So, whether you’re being totally patriotic or just love a themed party, we’ve got your last minute 4th July party sorted…


1. American Treats 

Every party needs fabulous food, delicious treats and all the indulgent goodness!

For your 4th July party you could obvs go for classic American treats like Pop Tarts, Cheetoh’s and Twinkies, or you could be slightly more adventurous and make your own party snacks.

Perfect for snacking on and looking cute at the table, we’re loving the U.S.A marshmallow sticks. SO easy to make and they look adorable.

To make, grab yourself 3 marshmallows and a decorative straw. Dip each marshmallow into edible glitter and leave to set in the fridge. Once the edible glitter has set, carefully push onto the straw and...voila!


2. Classic Cocktails

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again…every party needs a signature cocktail!

Because we’re throwing a 4th July party, we’re using only red, white and blue ingredients, (or as close to). To really show off, you can be super creative and think outside of the cocktail box, but, because this is last minute, we’re going for something simple and effective.

To make this cute cocktail you will need blackcurrant cordial, blueberries, gin and ice. If your throwing a large party we recommend having a large pitcher but if you’re have a smaller do, pretty classes are perfect…To make, put a few cubes of ice in a glass followed by a splash of gin (or 2) and blackcurrant cordial. Garnish with blueberries and a cute straw!


3. All In The Decorations

If your anything like us huns, when it comes to decorating you'll be totally OTT and extra - but that's how a Queen throws a party right?!

To decorate your 4th July party, everything obvs needs to stick to the US colour theme. We're thinking sparkly balloons, ALL the bunting and of course, some tacky table confetti!

If your limited on space, small elements of colour look amazing - this could be as simple as some hanging pom poms OR if your being totally patriotic, why not grab yourselves some American Flags to decorate?


4. Sassy, Fierce and Slaying

The first rule for any Queen's party is that she must slay! YAS gals!

This is your opportunity chicas to go all out with the glitter, highlight like it's going out of fashion and have brows so strong they could break Kanye. 

Because us gals are all about being totally extra, we think incorporating the US flag into your party outfit is perfect. For a subtle look you could go for a cute US slogan tee...or you could be totally inspired by Bey and slay some flag printed denim! Super cute, so effortless and totally party appropriate!



Written By Lizzie Robinson