Forever Obsessed With Rose Gold

Rose gold was huge last year and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere fast! And as you can imagine, us gals at CL are totes on board with the trend again this season.

Whether we're going for rose gold eyes for a slaying makeup look, or we're going full on rose gold metallic for festival season, we literally can't get enough. 

If you gals are yet to kill those rose gold vibes, we thought we would help you out and give you our top tips on introducing all the rose gold sass into you Queen lifestyle...YAS gals!


1. Monday Motivation

Come Monday, all us gals need a little motivation and our Oops Wall Art is perfect for that - and let's face it, this is our fave motto EVER!

Whether you have all this inspo pinned up in the walk in wardrobe, (because we all have one of those), or proudly displayed in the office, we're all about this motto! The rose gold font and marble background is absolutely gorgeous and is guaranteed to spruce up any interior space!

Gorgeous pic by 


2. Metallic Chrome Goals

Although we hate to admit it, us gals our pretty clumsy and often find our cell phone slipping from the grip of our fabulous mani. So protecting our precious phone is key and therefore we need a cute phone case to aid the fall!

To slay this rose gold trend, we're totally obsessed with our Metallic Marble Chrome Phone Case . Not only is it totally chic, but it's totally Instagrammable for all you blogging babes!

Love the pic @thebeautybom and those killer nails. 


3. Fabulous Tech

Whether your lugging your Macbook on the tube or heading to the office, why not do it in style? Because we know you gals love your matching tech, we had to mention our Sassy Macbook Case.

So chic, so sassy and so perfect for protecting your MacBook, we're obsessed with this design.

Cute pic by @ailsarenk


4. Rose Gold Accessories 

One of the first rules of a killer outfit, is fabulous jewellery! 

Of course gals, we've got that covered too! Whether your wear it as a thumb, midi, or regular ring we are loving our Moon & Star Ring.  Perfect for a subtle nod to the rose gold trend and adding a chic twist to your outfit, we're loving this cute and delicate design. Available in multiple colours, we obvs choosing rose gold.

Gorgeous pic by our gal @sophhhielouise


5. Say It With Sunnies

With the current heatwave in the UK, which we are totally loving btw, us gals needed some fabulous sunglasses...and being a rose gold post, we couldn't ignore our Cannes Sunglasses 

You gals love them, we love them and it's not hard to see why! They are SO sophisticated and perfect for giving any look a classy vibe whilst still protecting your eyes. 

How gorgeous does @staceylouisee  look.


Written By Lizzie Robinson