Feelin’ yourself February- Making time for you!

YOU time

It's important to set aside time to do the things you love the most. We’re all guilty of getting swept up in our everyday routine and forgetting to set time for ourselves. Making sure you have your own time and space to do the things that mean the most to you is hugely important to your mental happiness so it’s time to be a little selfish.

Here are our favourite ways to unwind and take time for ourselves:

Bath time

During the winter a nice hot bath can be the best thing for warming up after bad weather days. Why not tie your hair up in a Coconut Lane Scrunchie and upgrade your bathing experience by turning off the bright light and surrounding yourself with ambient candles? Why not treat yourself to a bath bomb or some luxury bubble bath too? You could also pour yourself a glass of your favourite drink to unwind.

bath time

Buy yourself a treat

Sometimes you don't have to justify making a purchase, you have earned it and deserve to treat yourself. Whether that's buying yourself some of your favourite flowers, a cute new Phone Case or something you've been looking at for a while but putting off buying. Because as the great Ariana Grande once said "I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it" and these are words you should live by this 2023.

cute phone cases


Whether you love lifting weights or doing pilates, ensuring you are doing some sort of exercise will make you feel good after each workout and make you stronger, healthier and more confident. Whatever your fitness goals are for 2023, keep moving towards them! Completing your fitness goals has never looked so chic with Cocogym!

gym fitness clothing cocogym


Let your hair down and do something fun! Whether that's bottomless brunch with your besties, a weekend away with a partner or anything else you love to do. Sometimes being surrounded by your favourite people can bring out the best in you and let you unwind from your everyday busy life. 

brunch with cocktails and friends

Beauty treatment

Sometimes all you need to feel your best is a beauty treatment. Whatever your favourite beauty treatment is, go and book it now! Pick out a fun new nail colour to brighten up your day, get the haircut you keep looking at on Pinterest or get a facial you've never tried before. No matter what you like to do to give yourself a little bit of a confidence boost, don't wait for a special occasion because you deserve to feel your best every day.

cute french manicure nails