This is not a drill! Christmas is officially creeping up on us fast so we wanted to give you guys and gals a little Christmas Shopping guide to ensure your besties get the best gifts and stocking fillers this year!  

1. Laptop Sleeves

There is LITERALLY nothing not to love about our laptop sleeve designs. We have released 14 brand new laptop sleeve designs this year, and we are so obsessed! They're perfect for keeping things cute and simple while being the main attraction. Did I also mention how practical they are?

Laptop Sleeves

2. 3D Phone Cases

Do you know a clumsy girl? Well we've got the BEST selection of 3D cases for you to choose from to make sure your phone is protected! Whether your a pearl or chrome girlie we've got it all! It’s the perfect way to dress up your device without breaking the bank. 

3D Phone Cases

3. Phone Straps

Feeling a bit extra? Well we've got the perfect Phone Straps to upgrade your iPhone completely! What better way to look like an accessory queen! If you're obsessed with all things crystals then get ready for the Phone Strap of your dreams.

Phone Straps

4. Christmas Bundles

Feeling a bit indecisive this year? We've got you covered, our Christmas bundles offer a huge selection of products to choose from whether you want all the accessories you can find or the perfect travel accessories, we have it all!!

Gifting season is upon us. Treat your loved ones this Christmas with our Ultimate Travel Bundle! This one is for all of our matchy matchy huns who are on the go.

Christmas Bundles

5. Cocopup

It wouldn't be a complete Christmas gift guide without mentioning our Sister Brand CocoPup would it! Christmas is for your pup's too right? We are loving our harness, the perfect harness for a Christmas Day walk! This luxurious Harness is perfect for spoiling your dog with premium comfort and style.



There we have it Cocogirls, there is something for everyone. Make someones festive season a little brighter and a little more exciting.