A Queens Perfect Pamper Evening

As you gals will know all too well, being a Queen can be hard work. Emails, blogging and early mornings can really take its toll - we need to remember to take some time to chill and take care of ourselves. We know how hard you gals work so we thought it was only fair to share are fave pamper night essentials with you...

1. Lounging in bubbles

Forget boys, tonight we’ve got a date with the tub. Bubbles, candles and a glass of wine (or two), a cosy bath is the only way to start your night of pampering. Choose a chilled playlist or catch up on your Youtube videos and let the stress of being so fabulous float away!

P.s Don’t forget to use ALL your fave products – it’s time for some indulgence!


2. Bye Bye Brows

The only time for bad brows is when a applying a face mask! An absolute pamper essential and the perfect way to scrub away the stress of the day and treat your skin. Obvs you can buy some fab face masks but us gals LOVE to make our own – avo and coconut oil are divine!


3. Just Another Mani Monday

One of our fave parts of a Queen’s pamper night is doing our nails. We believe every Queen deserves a fabulous mani to make herself feel like an absolute babe! We’re obsessing over these beaut nails and their seriously sassy vibe. For a sultry glam look, go for a matte nude BUT for something more edgy and bad ass, a mixture of prints and colour looks FAB!


4. Slinky PJ’s

Although us gals LOVE dressing up, there’s nothing better than lounging in pj’s right? For a cosy vibe we love long snugly sets with a matching robe. But as its still summer a slinky silk number is perfect. How stunning is this pink set – so chic and classy!


5. Chick Flick or Netflix?

Once you’re feeling like an absolute pampered babe, it’s time for some Netflix. Catch up on your fave series or lose yourself in a classic chick flick (we’re OBVS choosing Clueless).

Grab your movie snacks and a cosy blanket gals, the films starting!


6. Girls Night Only

No pamper night would be complete without your squad by your side. Get all the girls round for the perfect evening of indulgence, pamper and relaxation! Let’s face it, what’s more relaxing then spending time with your gals!

Written By Lizzie Robinson