A Queens Guide To Throwing a Fabulous Dinner Party

There’s nothing us gals at CL love more than throwing fabulous parties, sleepovers and brunch dates for our squad...with that in mind, we’ve decided to go one step further and throw the most fabulous dinner party ever! We’re talking cocktails, glamour and ALL the delicious canapés - how fancy are we?!

If you gals are like us and love being a hostess, we’ve put together our top 8 tips for throwing the most memorable and spectacular dinner party that is sure to impress your guests....


1. Party Style

Deciding on a dinner party theme is perhaps the trickiest part to any occasion. Do you go smart, causal or a theme?

OBVS being Queens, we’re going for all the glam and sophistication for our dinner party – therefore, candles, twinkle lights and marble accessories are necessary. Ensure your theme is continuous; you don’t want a mix match of decorations. Choosing a colour theme is a FAB idea as it makes it easier to decorate and look totally Instagrammable.


2. Snacks on Arrival

Being total foodies, snacks is usually one of our first thoughts at any soiree – no shame.

Forget bowls of nuts and crisps, we’re all about impressing our guests with indulgent cheese boards and irresistible platters. Of course you can stick to a Queens’s signature of cupcakes and cookies, but on this occasion we want to go totally OTT with glorious canapés!

Top tip: Don’t be put off by the thought of canapes, this could be as simple as salmon blinis or shop bought filo pastry nibbles.


3.  Cocktails, Bubbles and Fizz

What’s more welcoming than presenting your guests with bubbles and cocktails on arrival?!

Depending on whether you have a theme, perhaps match your drinks menu to that. Us gals are going for a pink option garnished with pretty straws and raspberries.

To ensure your guests aren’t left out, mocktails are a fabulous alternative!


4. Wine and Dine Your Guests

A note to ALL you gals...stick to what you know!

Our number one tip for any dinner party is to make sure you know your recipe inside out. Now is not the time to start experimenting with new recipes and flavours. Sticking to your speciality is a MUST as it prevents any kitchen mishaps – plus you’ll look like a total pro perfecting a recipe you know so well!

Whether you go for a classic pizza night or going all out with an incredible steak dinner, you must be confident with your meal. Prep in advance, ensure you have enough time and of course, stay calm!

You’ve got this gals!


5. Table Feng Shui

When it comes to dinner, the seating of your guests is almost, if not more important that the meal itself!

Because you want your guests to feel relaxed and totally chilled sitting them next to people they know or you think would get along well is vital. You don’t want to throw your shy friend in the deep end, sat amongst two people she doesn’t know right?!  


6. It’s All in the Details

To make your dinner party totally memorable, ensure you pay attention to detail. Small decorative pieces or personalisation for your guests is the perfect way to impress! Whether this is a lovely bunch of flowers, personal table settings or a small token gift for your gals to take away, thinking outside the box will make you dinner party extra special.

If you’re having a French themed night, these little popcorn boxes are a fab treat for you to gift your gals before they leave!


7. Music Matters

So all your guests have arrived, they have a cocktail in one hand and canapé in the other....what else is needed? No dinner party is ever complete without the perfect playlist!

Whether you ask your gals to all request some tunes, or you download a fabulous playlist, music will totally set the mood.

Try and take into consideration music for your guest’s arrival, drinks, dinner and then more drinks. You don’t want you guests to be feeling like they’re in a club whilst calmly trying to eat their salmon now do you?!


8. Hostess with The Mostess

Of course our style is always on point and makeup on fleek – but when you’re the hostess of a fabulous dinner party, looking like a total boss babe is essential!

Ensure you wear a killer outfit that makes you feel 100% fabulous! Not only will confidence beam off you, but your guests are sure to bounce of your sparkle.


Written By Lizzie Robinson