6 Things We Love About Autumn

Well gals, it’s safe to say that the sunshine and beach days are just a distant memory *queue the tiny violin*. Autumn days are creeping in and is it bad to say we’re digging it? Here are our 6 ultimate favourite things about Autumn…


Chunky knits, scarves and staple coats are en route to our wardrobes. It goes without saying that we are all going to be extra warm and extra comfy this season. A whole new lease of fashion is waiting to make it’s debut and we are here and loving it! tiger

 girl outside in beige chunky knitwear autumn fashion


Not only is it refreshing and good for the soul to get out in the crisp, Autumn air - it just looks dreamy outside! The orange and red crunchy leaves beneath your feet, bright blue skies and frosty grass are just waiting to be Instagrammed right? And if you have a Pup then it’s even better…

autumn outdoors trees walking orange

3. FOOD 

A hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows is the only drink that tops off an Autumnal day. Those beloved, homely roasts are also pending girls… it’s officially hibernating season and no one can tell you otherwise. 

hot chocolate and cream autumn


The wait for that ultimate cosy night in is over. How do you have the perfect cosy night in though? That’s the real question. Snacks, fluffy blankets and Netflix seems about right. Movie nights are the best thing to do with your bestie when it’s cold outside. As soon as you’ve found a timeless chick flick (after about an hour of scrolling), it’s time to de-stress, snuggle up and get lost in the world of Clueless.

movie night den lights duvet snuggle autumn


You can’t go wrong with a bubble bath. The evening rolls round and it’s time to wind down and sink into those deluxe, fluffy bubbles and enjoy the dreamy aromas from your Coconut Lane Candle. Oh hun… YOU deserve this! Relaxation and a bit of TLC never goes a miss and we should all do it more often. Self care is where it’s at!

bubble bath bathroom self case  


As it begins to get darker earlier, it’s only fair to get cosy earlier! Catching z’s in your plush, marshmallow bed is the only way to end the perfect Autumn evening. Finish the day on a good book before you close your eyes, ready for another day filled with being a boss babe and sass queen all over again…

night time early night book relax bedroom bed