50 things to do while self isolating

1. Wake up

2. Attempt a home workout

3. When the dog wants to join in, decide you’ll have time for a home workout tomorrow

4. Shower

5. Contemplate what to wear to go downstairs

6. Put on loungewear and wonder why anyone would wear jeans to stay inside

7. Watch the news

8. Get distracted and scroll Instagram for an hour instead

9. Wonder why everyone is making banana bread and posting it on their story

10. Make banana bread and post it on your story

11. Watch cat videos on Youtube

12. Download Tiktok

13. Learn five new Tiktok dances that are harder than they look

14. Attempt to become Tiktok famous

15. Decide you are too old for Tiktok

16. Organise your wardrobe

17. Convince yourself you do need to keep that T-shirt from a Taylor Swift concert 5 years ago that you haven’t worn in 4 years and 364 days

18. Start a jigsaw

19. Cry when you finish and there’s one piece missing

20. Get Disney+

21. Watch seven Disney films in one day

22. Decide you need some fresh air

23. Go for a walk

24. Wish you hadn’t lost your old Nintendo

25. Play The Sims for four hours straight without noticing time passing

26. Remove the ladder from your Sim’s swimming pool

27. Do the ironing

28. Remember why you never normally iron and give up

29. Go for a jog

30. Play Monopoly with your family

31. Two hours in, ask why you ever started this game

32. Give up after a family row

33. Plan a holiday with your friends for next year

34. Organise your herbs and spices in alphabetical order

35. Go food shopping

36. Queue outside the supermarket for 30 minutes

37. Return home with no pasta, toilet paper or soap

38. Eat your bodyweight in biscuits

39. Watch all ten series of Friends

40. Download Zoom

41. Attempt to catch up with your friends while everyone talks at once

42. Add obligatory picture of your Zoom gathering to your story

43. Create a feel good playlist

44. Dance like no one is watching

45. Tidy your room

46. Wash your hands while singing happy birthday

47. Moisturise because your hands are so dry from all the washing

48. Go to bed and realise you can’t sleep because you’ve done nothing all day

49. Decide to online shop instead

50. Order something from Coconut Lane to make your day a little brighter