4 Pink Halloween Treats

If you gals no us well, then you'll no that here at CL HQ we love nothing more (other than Christmas), than Halloween and food! And, now that it's mid October we think it's the perfect time to over indulge in ALL the Halloween treats!

So, whether your prepping for trick or treaters, throwing a killer party or just having an absolute feast, we've put together 4 spooktacular pink Halloween treats that are perfect for a sassy Halloween this October....


1. Ghostly Ice Creams

Up first we've got these totally adorable ghost ice creams! Not only are they the cutest things ever, but they are so easy to make...

You have two options here chicas...Either, fill a piping bag full of ice cream and simply squeeze into your ice cream cone before serving, ensuring the cones are steady. OR gently melt down some marshmallows and put into a piping bag - this works amazingly if you want to display the ghosts prior to eating them all.

Once you have piped either your marshmallow or ice cream, grab yourself an icing pen and delicately place two dots for ghostly eyes.....and voila!


2. Skeleton Oreos

Every Queen loves oreos right?

Whether your having a squads night in for Halloween or you really want to treat those knocking at the door, we're loving these skeleton Oreos!

To make, grab yourself a bag of Oreos (obvs the more packets the better), and simply cover in icing. Being totally girly and sassy, we're going for all pastels but you could go for any colour your like.

Once your cookie is iced, simply dust over sprinkles and place a chocolate skeleton on top and leave to set. Due to the time of year, Halloween chocolate shapes are super easy to get hold off right now, but obviously using a chocolate mould is a great alternative.


3. Spider Popcorn

So easy to make and super effective, we're loving these spider popcorn pots as the perfect movie snack. 

Now although you might not be a fan of spiders, this next treat is too good to miss out on and perfect for adapting to your personal taste (ie, no spiders).

To make, simply grab yourself some pick 'n' mix cups. Obviously you can go for any design, but because its Halloween, we think black is the most suitable...Simply fill your cups with an array of different popcorn flavours and place a generous handful of candyfloss on the top. Then when your ready to hand out to your guests, place a small plastic spider on top - obviously being careful that it doesn't crawl away!


4. Cookies

Lastly but by no means least, we have ourselves the ultimate lazy girls Halloween cookies! So cute and pretty and perfect for making with your squad.

To make, simply get yourself a packet of round biscuits - to achieve a smooth layer of icing, we recommend something like a Rich Tea or Digestive biscuit....In separate bowls mix up a variety of colour icing. Then outline the edge of the biscuit and fill with any of your icing colours.

Once you've done that, carefully (either free hand or with a template), draw the outline of your ghosts and fill in. Once set, carefully pipe on any details that you want, such as eyes for the ghost. Then, leave to set...be patient...and tuck in!


Happy Halloween huns!


Written By Lizzie Robinson