10 Questions With Syd and Ell

It's time gals for another blogger interview! This week it's with the gorgeous, sassy and total girl boss duo, Syd and Ell. Total BFF goals, Syd and Ell have been on the CL radar for quite some time now and we are super proud of how far these babes have come! With a fabulous Youtube channel with hauls to die for, and an Insta full of bad ass pics, we just can't get enough of these two...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            .
1. What can we expect to see from Syd and Ell in the next few months?

We hope to do some collabs on our channel and were aiming to reach 50K subs by the end of the year (eeeeeek) We are also planning to launch some more SYD AND ELL MERCH in winter!!!!


2. What is the first thing you consider when working with a brand?

Whenever a brand gets in contact with us, we think about our audience and if they are going to benefit from it in some way, and obviously if it’s something that’s of interest to us. We also make sure that we get equal treatment as a lot of brands ignore the fact that there’s two of us!


3.Who or what would be your dream brand to work with?

 A fashion brand collab dream would be something like Misguided or Pretty Little Thing, we live in their clothes, and were actually fortunate enough to be working with Missy Empire really soon! But also imagine being the faces of Urban Decay or something hahaha, there’s so amazing brands we’d love to work with!!!


4. With such a fabulous channel, do you ever feel the pressure of juggling Youtube, uni and work?

YES. We have found it really hard at certain times to prioritise our lives but YouTube never takes a back seat as it’s something we both love to do.. We’re only human but we have to be really organised to make sure we don’t miss upload days!


5. Did any Youtubers in particular inspire you to start your channel?

We started watching the originals - Lauren Curtis, Carli Bybel, Nicole Guerriero around the time of our prom to learn how to do our make-up haha! Just the whole YouTube vibe in general is what pushed us to want to start our own channel.


6. Are there any Youtubers you would love to collaborate with?

 Looking for Lewys, Jordan Lipscombe… we’ve actually been speaking to them so maybe soon!!!


7. Being absolute BFF goals, do you ever find it challenging working together?

 We just get each other and know what the other one is thinking so it’s never difficult to work together, but we do try to make time for us outside of working as well, like girly movie nights!


8. If you could give your younger selves one piece of advice, what would it be?

Syd : Don’t grow up too fast, its trap

Ell : Enjoy being young and having no responsibility 


9. How do you feel about the way in which Youtubers and Vloggers are portrayed by the media?

A lot of people think that doing YouTube/ blogging/ social media as a job is a lot easier than it is, and we admit, before we started, it did look that way from the outside, but we put so much time and energy into letting people in on our lives, so we hope that hard work doesn’t go unnoticed! 


10. Current fave CL products?

Soooo obsessed with the MacBook skins we both have one in diff styles, but everything on CL site is goaaaaaals