10 Questions With Issy Walsh

It's time gals for another Blogger Interview and as always we are super excited to have had the chance to speak to this Queen...

Issy Walsh is the face behind a fabulous Youtube channel that here at CL we're predicting huge things for! So, for all the blogging and Youtube inspo, keep reading...




1.What can we expect to see on your channel in the next few months? 

I mostly enjoy filming makeup and fashion videos as those are what I am most interested in. In the next few months I will probably post more clothing hauls or makeup hauls. Also, I might upload some more makeup tutorials or makeup challenges. I find routine videos fun to film as well, so maybe I might post a night or morning routine. Of course I will post some more relaxed vlog style videos in between.

2.What is the first thing you consider when working with a brand?

One thing I definitely consider is whether I like the products and would genuinely use them myself. I also put my viewers into consideration to make sure they will be interested in the products I am reviewing. 

3.Who or what would be your dream brand to work with?

Probably pretty little thing as I am obsessed with their clothes and spend way too much money on there hehe. Fashion is 100% my favourite thing to invest in and experiment with!

4.With an ever growing Youtube channel, do you ever feel the pressure of juggling that and school?

Obviously, sometimes it can be hard to fit both school and Youtube in however I try to use any free time I have to edit and film videos. As I enjoy doing Youtube, I look at it as a hobby which I will happily do if I am bored or have no school work to do. Despite this, sometimes I am quite busy with school and may miss an upload or two however I try to create weekly content as best I can. I don’t try to put pressure on myself as it is something I love doing!

5.Who are your three current fave influencers?

I love lookingforlewys as his sense of humour is amazing and he has such a lovely personality. His videos are very well  edited and he is so talented with makeup and beauty. I also love heyitshope as again she is super kind and genuine. Her videos are amazing and she has inspired me to start eating healthier! Another person who has influenced my channel is lovevie. She mainly focuses on fashion and makeup as do I and also does vlogs which have made me want to  do some of my own!

6.Who or what inspired you to start Youtube?

I didn’t watch one person who made me want to make my own channel however I remember watching quite vloggers and beauty channels and one day I decided I wanted to start my own. As I was quite young when I started, I firstly based my channel more on drawing and photography until I began to get into makeup and fashion which was influenced by Zoella. 

7.Any tips on how to take the perfect Insta pic?

You don’t need a camera to take a good photo, infact most of my instagram photos are taken on my phone. My feed is mainly white so I tend to use white backgrounds and bright white lights. Just make sure that you have a main focus of the picture so it looks appealing!

8.If you could give your younger advice to someone wanting to start a channel, what would it be?

Just stay true to yourself and film videos which you enjoy. Don't invest in a camera too soon unless you know you enjoy youtube and its what you want to do and not because you want to be famous or have thousands of subscribers! Film during the day so the lighting is nice and  if you do not have a studio or ring light then film near a window so that you are bright and the video is clear! 

9.How do you feel about the way in which bloggers and influencers are portrayed by the media?

To be honest im not completely sure. I doesn’t really matter what people think of you as long as you are yourself and are happy with the way you are. Other peoples opinions shouldn’t matter or change you.

10.Current fave CL products?

The phone cases are such good quality and the designs are so unique and girly. They definitely protect my phone well while looking sassy and classy at the same time! Also, the price is very reasonable and affordable.
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