10 Questions With Alex Simpson

We're back gals with a brand new blogger interview and we literally couldn't be more excited!

Not only is this gal absolutely stunning, totally flawless and owner of the dreamiest Insta feed, but she's an incredible Coconut Queen! We are super proud of her and we know you gals will love her...


1. How would you describe your signature style?

Girly. I like colour, frills & bardots! Throw in a few fitted dresses to try be more “sophisticated” now & then haha I am nearly 27 (cry) I wish I had a insta theme wearing neutral colours but I’m like a rainbow I go on a site to pic clothes & I’m like pink, orange, green... 


2. What is the first thing you consider when working with a brand?

I always have a browse on their website to see if their items are what I would wear or use I would never promote something I don’t love! So everything on my insta I genuinely rate!


3. Who or what would be your dream brand to work with?

Missguided - at one point my whole wardrobe was all Missguided their clothes are affordable & always fit me perfect or Gucci that would be a dream getting a few bags sent haha!! 


4. With such an amazing Instagram, do you ever feel pressure of uploading and maintaining an online presence?

Yes!! Definitely. The way instagrams algorithm is I feel if I don’t post 3/4 times a week my photos might not show up.


5. Who are your three current fave Instasgrammers?

Bloggers - kristy green & Emily Shak 

Celeb - Arianna grande (I love her) 

6. Do you have a style icon? If so who?

I’ve been asked this question before & I never know who my style icon is... I’m going to say my Mam honestly at 58 years old she always, always looks flawless & classy! I hope to god I look & dress exactly like her when I’m older. 


7. Any tips on how to take the perfect Insta pic?

I tend to take mine in my home or my mam & dads obv making sure the background isn’t messy (hence the reason I don’t take pics in my dressing room) try to get good lighting & someone willing to take the pic! 


8. If you could give your younger self one piece of fashion advice, what would it be?

Be yourself don’t wear something you don’t necessarily like because everyone else is wearing it. And beauty advice I would defo tell my younger self to chill on the bronzer & concealer lip look 


9. Current fave CL products?

It’s got to be the marble make up brush set I love them as well as my babe plans desk planner I use it every day at work! 


Check out Alex's Insta here