This week's blog is written by our lovely guest blogger Chloe Williamson.

Wanna be the coolest on campus? We've got just what you need to start the semester in style!

Going back to Uni after having a well deserved break can be daunting, especially when you can’t stop thinking about all of those upcoming assignments you have to start on. We believe that looking the part is the first step to success! So what better way to get yourself motivated by grabbing some new uni essentials.

Black Leopard Laptop Sleeve 

Spice up your outfit with our gorgeous PU Leather laptop sleeves. 

Whether you don’t like carrying a bag to class, need something to keep your laptop and documents safe, or even fancy adding a little oomph to your outfit, laptop sleeves are an absolute lifesaver and a total essential when it comes to Uni.

Don’t fancy black? We’ve got loads of other colours for you to choose from, here.

Toile De Jouy Makeup Bag

Struggling to find a pen? Get organised and use our stylish makeup bags as a pencil case.

With a gorgeous french inspired design and PU Leather material, the ‘Toile De Jouy’ will ensure you're the most organised and stylish student around!

Want a different design, take a look here.

Dalmatian Weekly Desk Planner 

Can’t remember what day of the week it is - girl, we get you! 

Whether you need to make plans for a coffee catch up, countdown to your next deadline or even jot down your classes, we have a range of seriously cute desk planners to keep you organised in style

Check out some more styles, here.

Gold Leopard Face Covering 

Now that things are going back to normal, we’re returning to campus and saying goodbye to online lectures, so, we’ve got to make sure we’re staying safe.

Grab yourself a stylish new face mask that will add a little flair to your Uni wardrobe. You could even add matching scrunchies here.

Want to stock up on our insanely cute masks? Find them here.

Abstract Vibes Notebook

Everybody needs a notebook to keep track of assignments, deadline dates, or even your yearly affirmations, either way, our notebooks are the perfect addition to your Uni essentials!

You can find more styles here.


Not only do we want to ensure that you're rocking up to Uni in style this Semester, but we also want to make sure that you’re looking after yourselves and keeping healthy. It can be stressful out here earning a degree, and self-care often goes unnoticed when you're stressed and worrying about assignments, so it can be super easy to burn out. 

Here’s a few self-care tips that are sure to keep you focused and motivated!

1: Look after your mind, body and soul! 

They’re all as equally important as each other.

Staying focused is important, but looking after yourself has got to take priority, because without a healthy mind, it is impossible to get anywhere. Take a break every day, turn on your favourite music, light a candle, doodle in a notebook. Whether it’s 5 minutes or 1 hour, take that break!

2: Keep In Touch With Your Friends! 

They’re your home away from home, after all.

Your friends are going to be as stressed and as busy as you are, remember that you’re all in the same boat, so make sure to swing by their dorm every now and then. Why not treat them to a small study gift? Trust me, they’ll appreciate it.

3: Call Your Mum! 

She’ll be missing you as much as you miss her.

Uni can be exciting, the freedom, the fun and the fact that you’re not sharing a room with your little sister anymore can be distracting, but the point is, your Mum will be missing you, so make sure you call her regularly.

Why not make it a weekly thing? Arrange a time and day that works for you both and have a phone call, zoom, or you could even meet up if you’re not living too far away from home. If you’re like me, and your besties with your Mum, it’ll be the highlight of your week and give you something to look forward to.