How to throw a killer Halloween party

You gals know how much we love a party and with Halloween just around the corner it’s the perfect excuse for us gals at CL to throw a fabulous get-together with our squad! We’re going all out this year and not holding back on anything!! Costumes, decorations and OBVS loads of snacks us gals are going to share our tips on throwing an incredible Halloween party in true Queen style!


1. Slaying in Killer Costumes

Dressing up is an absolute must at Halloween and there’s nothing we love more than planning our costumes!

As the hostess of the party, why not use the occasion to go OTT with fake blog, glitter (obvs) and eccentric style! Whether you go for the classic bunny (SO Regina George) or a surprisingly glam skeleton, make sure you go all out Chicas! We’re SO over subtle.


2. Freaky Food and Cupcakes

Doughnuts, popcorn and obvs cupcakes – no party of ours would be complete without our three FAVE sweet treats! Us gals at CL are real foodies and we think the best way to satisfy our guests is with something spooky and spectacular!

Every year we give our fave party snacks a Halloween makeover that are so super simple, easy to achieve but oh so effective! Whether that’s spider cupcakes, creepy cookies or cobweb doughnuts – there are so many fabulous and creepy ideas for turning something pretty and delicious, into something pretty creepy!


3. House of Horrors

Our obsession with homeware doesn’t stop at Halloween gals – if anything, it gets worse!

To really set the scene for your Halloween party, choosing the right decorations is essential! If your party has a particular theme, play up to that with your decorations! This year us gals are going for a more classic approach with cobweb windows, skeleton candles and of course, plenty of pumpkins!


4. Creepin’ For Cocktails

The one party essential you’ve all been waiting for...cocktails!

Halloween is the perfect time to get creative with your cocktails and is a fabulous way to impress your guests! Choosing darker coloured ingredients and garnishes is perfect for adding a creepy vibe to your drinks! But as us gals like to go that extra mile, we LOVE naming them! Sounds OTT right? Naming your cocktails is such a fab and unique way to set the tone of your party – and remember gals, a fabulous party is all in the details!


5. Old Skool Halloween

Halloween is the perfect time to let your inner child out right? Plus us gals think you’re never too old for a Halloween game!

After a few cocktails why not get all your guests involved in some old skool Halloween fun. For a super classic, yet sassy twist, bobbing for glitter apples is amazing! Or for a super simple idea, a classic costume competition would be great! Every Halloween party needs a costume Queen right?


Written By Lizzie Robinson