It’s National Pet Day on Sunday - yay! Not that we don’t already celebrate our animal companions on the daily (DUH!) but why not make a day of it and steal your pups heart just as it did yours. We suggest planning a new special walk, going for a picnic by the river or even baking them some pupcakes!

In light of this day we thought what better time to give you the low-down on our sister brand Cocopup than now. Cocopup is here to fulfil all of your dog accessories dreams with an added bonus, the opportunity to match with your pup! Now who wouldn’t want that?

We’ve put a spotlight on three Cocopup prints that we think you will LOVE just in time to treat your pup (and maybe yourself) for National Pet Day. 

Monochrome Spots

This print really hits the spot! Do you know what hits the spot even more? Co-ordinating with your pup in our Cocogym set and our Monochrome Spots collection. 

Choose to treat your pup from a selection of accessories including a harness, lead, collar, bandana and bow tie. Wowieee! Shop the entire Cocopup Monochrome Spots collection here. 

Cocopup Monochrome Spots Bundle

Amy and Teddy (@cockapoo_teddywatts) are a visual reminder that co-ordinating with you pup is an absolute MUST!

Cocopup influencer in Cocogym Monochrome Spots set

Sage Tiger 

We know that we said to try out a new walk for National Pet Day but why not take a walk on the wild side too with this Sage Tiger print. What could be more pawfect than a reversible harness featuring 2 prints in 1?! Having a lead and collar to match, of course!

Cocopup Sage Tiger Bundle

Cocopup Sage Tiger Harness

Shop our Sage Tiger and Sage Leopard collections here. Twinning is winning! 


Doggo is where the heart is, right? What better way to show your dog your love on National Pet Day than treating them with this cupid print. Calling all super cute pups, being pretty in pink has never been so simple! 

Cocopup Cupid Hearts Collection

Cocopup Cupid Hearts Harness
Shop our Pink Hearts collection here. Matching with pup? Tick!