Secret Santa With Coconut Lane

It’s that time of year again. The Secret Santa names have been drawn out of the hat.  You’re stressing about what to get that girl from accounts.  You’ve only spoken to her twice. Fear not, my ladies. Coconut Lane is your one stop shop for Secret Santa gifts.  Whether your budget is £5 or £20, we’ve got you covered.


1. #Girlboss Coasters

If your budget is on the lower end of the scale, why not brighten up your gals desk with a  coaster? Perfect for every #Girlboss to accessorise her coffee (or cocktail) and perfect for those Insta flatlays! .... Plus, you can’t go wrong for £4.50.

Pic by: @wellnessnwander


2. Sleighing with Stationary

For gals that love their stationary and cannot go a day without a list, then a notebook is perfect! Super cute and affordable, CL notebooks are SO dreamy! For ultimate blogger vibes, their Blogger Notebook is perfect!

Pic by: @blogicarmen


3. Baubles and Jewels 

If you know your Secret Santa well, why not give something more personal, such as a piece of jewellery? If she’s your BFF, then the collection of BFF bracelets would be perfect and under £15 too!

Or if she’s a boho babe the Magic Moon Necklace would be perfect, and it’s under £10. Click here to shop!

Pic by: @ellarossalina


4. Oh So Chic Phone Cases

For the tech savvy, or the girl always on her phone, why not treat her to a brand new phone case? The range is uber sassy, and I’d love the rose gold marble case myself...

Pic by: @annalouiseloves



5. Keeping It Cosy

If you’re truly stuck, why not get that typical stocking filler; a pair of socks.  You might think ‘boring’, but Coconut Lane socks are anything but boring.  Who wouldn’t want Ryan Gosling keeping her toes warm? 


So there you have it, you Secret Santa buying made easy.  Just try hard to buy for the person you pulled out the hat, and not yourself; that’s the difficult part.


Written by: @bylaurenjane

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