Our Dream Holiday Destinations

Picture this gals, we're sat in the office, the sun is shining and we're scrolling through Insta...What do we see?...All our gals going on vacay!!!

Obvs we're totally lusting over a holiday and catching some rays so we start thinking about all the places on our vacay list that we just HAVE to go...


1. Bora Bora

This first location and our absolute number one choice goes to Bora Bora!

This idyllic spot first became apparent to us when watching our fave Christmas film, The Holiday – ‘Kayak for one?’ and we’ve been dying to go ever since.

A small South Pacific Island located northeast of Tahiti, we’re lusting over its white sands, sparkly beaches and those adorable over water bungalows. A totally lavish and extravagant vacay destination but perfect for Queens with a limitless budget!

Obvs Bora Bora is out of our price range but we’re totally gonna start saving!  


2. Hawaii 

This next location requires all the Hawaiian print shirts and sunhats....gals, we’re going to Hawaii! – Well, we’re not, but we can dream!

Hawaii is the largest island in the US and has been on our travel list for forever. With fabulous scenery, gorgeous beaches and ALL the insta hotspots, we’re ready to start packing.

For all your blogging babes, Honolulu is home to one of Hawaii’s most famous hotels – and it’s not hard to see why! The Royal Hawaiian Hotel is an Insta babes dream. It’s the most fabulous shade of pink and has been in movies, music vids and is all over Insta!


3. Marrakesh 

Next up chicas is Morocco. Well Marrakesh to be precise!

We’ve seen it all over Insta and we are super jealous that we’re currently sat in the office instead of exploring the markets.

With endless amounts of culture, history and Souks to explore, us gals are desperate to visit this stunning city and get those classic Insta shots!

Top tip: We’ve heard a lot about the fabulous tapestries, fabrics and handmade goods to buy, so we would recommend packing as lightly as possible!


4. Aruba

Lastly but by no means least we have Aruba.

Not sure you’ve even heard of it? What if we said...Flamingo Beach?!

Aruba is a tiny Caribbean Island located of the coast of Venezuela and is an absolute vacay must! A truly breath takingly stunning location, Aruba is most famous for its Flamingo Beach where you catch literally mingle with flamingos. #LifeGoals. Again it’s a pricey choice, but when you’ve got a case of wanderlust like us gals it’s easy to get away with yourself!



Written By Lizzie Robinson