Our 4 Fave Healthy Snacks

You gals know the drill in January, you’ve eaten too many mince pies over the festive period and now we’re avoiding all the carbs and cookies! Not anymore Chicas! We’ve found some FAB healthy alternatives that are delicious, super easy to make and perfect for satisfying that sweet tooth...


1. Sweet Potato Brownies

Although us gals would NEVER say no to a brownie we were super excited when we came across brownies made from sweet potatoes!? Swapping flour for mashed sweet potato and sweetening with honey, these brownies are totally incredible! They taste amazing, super healthy and perfect for sharing around the office.

Check them out here


2. Pink Beauty Balls

These pink berry balls are not only super yummy, but they are SO Instagrammable (bloggers life). Totally vegan and gluten free, these raw balls are ideal for on the go snacking or sharing with the gals over a cup of tea. Sweetened with agave syrup and all the berries, the balls are not only a fab healthy snack back are super easy to make.

Check out the recipe here 


3. Always In Need Of a Cookie

It’s gets to about 4pm in the office and us gals are more than ready to stick our hands in the cookie jar...usually we would go for choc chip (obvs) but then we came across TheLittleBlogOfVegans banana oat cookies! So delicious and full of nutrients they are the perfect biscuit alternative. With few ingredients, these cookies are not only wheat and gluten free but they are 100% vegan! Does it even get better than that?

Check out Holly's recipe here


4. Fudge Love Hearts

What better way to a Queens heart than with pink fudge! Super cute and pretty and hands down, one of the best movie snacks EVER, this fudge is made from strawberries, nuts and coconut oil. These little drops of goodness are the perfect alternative to a bag of sweets and popcorn! 

PS. There's no feeling bad when reaching for a second!

Check them out here gals 


Written By Lizzie Robinson