National Coconut Day Treats

As you gals know, here at CL HQ, we're totally coconuts, about coconuts! Whether we're covering our bods in coconut lotion, treating our hair to coconut oil, or even cooking with it, we literally cannot get enough! 

Being National Coconut Day we obvs had to go ALL out in celebration of this fabulous day...So being the foodies and pudding lovers that we are, we thought we would dedicate a whole blog post to our 3 fave coconut treats!


1. Coconut Ice Cream

First up might be an obvious one, but we're literally obsessed...

Whether we eat it on its own or as the perfect compliment to a pudding, we're all about coconut ice cream. So yummy, so refreshing and totally healthy right?

Because we love to host dinner parties and be totally extra about everything, serving our ice cream in coconuts shells is right up our street! Seriously, how fabulous do these look?


2. Coco Cocktails

Because whats a Coconut Lane blog if we don't include cocktails?

Whether we're sunning ourselves poolside or going for drinks with the gals, our go to cocktail is ALWAYS coconut based! Not only does it have us dreaming of living in the Caribbean, but it gives us ALL the summer vibes, (can you tell we're desperately trying to hold on to summer?)

Depending on the occasion, we love going totally over the top with our cocktails! Tiny umbrellas, pineapple slices and our Let's Party Straws are the perfect accessories. 


 3. Coconut Beauty Balls

For days when we want a 'healthier' treat or we're just seriously in need of an office snack, coconut beauty balls are our go to!

Super nutritious and full of ALL the coconut goodness, these beauty balls are so easy to make...

All you'll need is:

- Shredded coconut
- Coconut oil
- Almond milk
- 1 lemon 
- Honey
Blend all your ingredients together and simply roll in to balls. Leave in the fridge to set until hard....and voila!


Written By Lizzie Robinson