Last Minute Halloween Outfits - The Youtube Edition

Gals, Halloween is only days away and despite all our party planning and Halloween prep, we haven't even given a thought to the most important thing...our outfit!

So if you gals are anything like us and are in the middle of having a total meltdown, then fear not...As usual we've turned to one of our fave sources of inspo, and we've been totally inspired! Here our some last minute Halloween outfit ideas from our FAVE Youtube gals...


1. Roxxsaurus

Up first is Roxi from Roxxsaurus!

Like us, Roxi is totally obsessed with Halloween and each year we look forward to her October content. And of course this year is no exception, Roxi is killing it with her Halloween videos....

With a mixture of creepy (the nun was terrifying) and cute outfit ideas, Roxi's 50 Halloween Costume Ideas is perfect for you Halloween loving gals who love going totally OTT and extra for the season.


2. Misha Grimes

Up next is the gorgeous Misha Grimes!

Now it has to be said, that we totally loved Misha's chilled out approach to her 5 Basic B**ch Halloween Outfit IdeasWith outfits so simple and achievable, Misha's idea of using current celebs in the limelight is perfect if you want a super simple and non scary outfit. 

Plus, with the high street doing so any celeb inspired pieces, Misha's costumes are easy to get hold of.


3. Hannah Renee

Next up is our Queen Hannah Renee.

Hannah's video 10 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas is perfect for you gals who aren't really in to Halloween but decide to celebrate it last minute. Like us, Han is all about using items that you've got (because who wants to splurge for one night), and making costumes out of clothes you already have in your wardrobe. 

By simply accessorising and doing her makeup, Han creates some fabulous looks in the simplest way possible!


4. Rachel Leary

Now we know we already told you gals about Rachel's fab Halloween make up looks, but with her latest video Easy Halloween Outfit Ideas, we couldn't resist giving her another shout out!

Perfect for lazy gals, Rachel's ideas are super easy to recreate and perfect if Halloween isn't really your vibe  - now it has to be said, us gals at CL HQ are total fan girls of old skool Christina Aguilera, so Rachel's last costume is for sure our number one!




Written By Lizzie Robinson