6 Summer BBQ Essentials

It’s BBQ season gals and being the foodies that we are, we are SO excited!

Here at CL, we believe there’s nothing nicer than gathering up your gals for a fabulous feast of summery goodness and drinking all the delicious cocktails. So, whether you’re throwing a BBQ in aid of a celebratory occasion, of your just planning a gals weekend, we’ve got your food plan sorted...


1. Pimms O'Clock

No gal can enjoy a summer BBQ without a glass of Pimms (or 5) now can she?!

Total summer vibes and SO delicious, we think summery cocktails are key to hosting a memorable BBQ. Depending on the amount of guests, cute glasses garnished with fruit and swirly straws are perfect. But, if you’re like us and going all out with a grand guest list, a large punch bowl is perfect.

To make your Pimms punch bowl, add 1/3 of pimms and 2/3 of lemonade (obvs you can adjust this to how strong you like it), add some ice and a ton of juicy fruits. We recommend slices of lemons, limes, strawberries and orange segments – YUM! Oh and don’t forget the mint leaves!


2. All About The Dips

Perfect for snacking on whilst the BBQs doing its thing, hummus and pitta is essential! So easy, so simple and SO yummy, no guest will shy a away from going back for more!

If you have the time and you love being in the kitchen, making your own hummus is a fabulous idea and guarantees to impress your guests. However, as we think BBQ's should be chilled, we're using shop bought! Put the hummus into cute trinket bowls, and add coriander or spicy relish on top. Surround the bowls with different breads and pittas and your good to go!


3. So Over Burgers

Because us gals like to put a sassy twist on all occasions, we're saying bye bye to meat burgers and hello to sweet potato patties!

Not only are we totally obsessed with sweet potato (literally who isn't?), we think this is a fabulous option for all your guests including any veggies and vegans. They are a little tricky to master but totally worth it.

You'll need plenty of sweet potatoes for mashing, beans, spices and herbs. Once the ingredients are combined, chill for several hours and briefly pop in the oven to seal the ingredients. After 20-30 mins, they are ready for the BBQ! Like a classic burger bun we're filling ours with cheese, salad and ALL the avo!


4. Veggie Sticks

Because us gals are slowly attempting to work on our summer bods, we're keen to make our BBQ a little healthier and fresher this season.

Not only do these veggie sticks look like absolute healthy goodness, but they are super moreish!

To make, grab yourself loads of veggies - literally anything that takes your fancy. Chop into generous chunks and carefully push onto a kebab stick. Season with salt and pepper or any marinade of choice, wrap in tin foil and place on the edge of the BBQ!

Enjoy gals, they're totes amazing!


5. Summer Salad 

Every BBQ needs side dishes to compliment the burgers and kebabs right?

This watermelon salad is our go to and it's so blemmin tasty! So easy to make, all you need is watermelon, mint and feta cheese - sounds like an unusual mix right? Trust us gals, paired with your sweet potato patties, it's incredible.

Cut your watermelon up in to small pieces and gently toss in some broken up feta cheese and a generous amount of mint leaves. Lime juice is also a fab addition to this bowl. Place in a pretty serving bowl and your set!


6. We Scream, Ice Cream

It's summer and your throwing a BBQ...therefore ice cream is necessary!

Now is the perfect time gals to indulge in all the flavours, all the toppings and all the extra scoops and we're SO excited.

Of course serving your ice cream it decorative bowls is fine, but in classic Queen style we're opting for a traditional ice cream cone.To keep it simple, go for plain flavours and decorate with a variety of toppings. BUT, it you really want to make a statement,  top your cones with with candy floss, marshmallows, sprinkles and loads of chocolate sauce! Us gals literally cannot wait to get our hands on these!


Written By Lizzie Robinson