4 Magical Unicorn Bakes

Here at CL, we believe every gal deserves some magical sparkle in her life!... So whether that comes in the shape of a fabulous new bag, sassy heels or in our case food, us gals are firm believes that indulging in goodness is key to a happy Queen!

Of course being the absolute foodies and unicorn lovers that we are, we couldn't resist sharing with you our FAVE unicorn bakes that are perfect for indulging in and adding extra pizzazz to your day....


1. Unicorn Cookies

We've told you a thousand times before, us gals are obsessed with cookies here at CL HQ - seriously, it's becoming a problem!

So simple to make, these unicorn cookies are perfect for whipping up for a last minute sleepover or sharing with your gals in the office, plus they are SO cute and Instagrammable.  

To make, follow a simple shortbread or cookie recipe. BUT, if your like us and super busy, buy plain biscuits to decorate. These cookies are all about the unicorn decoration so grab yourself some plain icing with a mixture of food dyes. Obvs we're going for pinks and purples, but you can go for anything you like! Once you've smothered yours cookies in sugary goodness, sprinkle with hundreds and thousands or whatever decorative treats you like and your good to go!


2. Magical Cheesecake

To indulge in this unicorn cheesecake, we're putting the beach bod on hold!

In the words of our gal Mary Berry, this cheesecake is an absolute showstopper and perfect for taking centre stage at a party. 

To make, follow a simple vanilla cheesecake recipe for the base and again for the cheesecake itself. BUT, to make yours magical and girly...you'll need a variety of food colouring, (we've gone for pastels) and a piping bag.

Once your cheese cake mixture is made up, separate the mix into three different bowls - or however many colours your using. Carefully fold your food colouring into the vanilla mixture until you get the perfect colour. Once you done that, fill the centre of your biscuit base with one colour and work your way out to the edge with your following colours!...

Now you have a fabulous cheesecake it's time to grab the piping bag. On top of your unicorn cheesecake, carefully pipe any leftover vanilla cream on top to decorate!


3. Candy Floss Creation

This wouldn't be a baking blog post if we didn't involve pink candy floss now would it! 

Whether your surprising your hun for her birthday or your simply a gal in need of a pretty cake, this fabulous candy floss cake is AMAZING and SO effective.

Like most of our picks, this one is again super simple to make. Whether you buy a pre bought cake or you bake a simple Victoria sponge, this cake is all about the sassy decoration.

For the pink butter cream topping you'll need butter (obvs), icing sugar, food colouring and flavouring. Following a simple recipe whip up a rather large quantity and generously cover the cake!...Now for the candy floss - grab a huge handful, or in our case multiple handfuls, and carefully place on top or your cake! Obvs you can leave it like that but we think sprinkling a few sweeties around the bottom of the cake makes this an extra special bake!

Give it ago gals, your squad will love it!


4. Unicorn Sandwich 

Move over jam sandwiches...

Gals how magical are these unicorn sandwiches? Obvs we wouldn't recommend these for lunch every day, but for a hump day treat, why not?!

To make this colourful treat you will need marble ice cream, sprinkles and ice cream wafers...Assuming your making just the one, grab yourself two wafers and generously fill with ice cream. Gently coat in sprinkles and freeze until your ready to eat.

SO simple, SO effective and SO freakin delicious!


Written By Lizzie Robinson