Last Minute Galentines Celebrations

Here at CL, us gals think why celebrate Valentine’s Day when you could be celebrating Galantine’s Day with your squad?

Single or not, we couldn’t think of a better time to show our gals how much they mean to us! With that in mind, we thought it was only right for us to share with you our last minute ideas for celebrating February 13th...


1. BFF Appreciation

No matter how long or short, sending your gals an appreciation note is the perfect way to remind them how much they mean to you!

Whether you post or hand deliver a small card, its super cute and personal – and let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be reminded of how fabulous they are?!

Check out our Clueless Greeting Card here


2. Galentines Sleepover

Whether it’s your annual sleepover or just in aid of Galentine’s Day, a sleepover is the perfect way to celebrate!

So put on your cosiest pj’s, gather all the snacks and enjoy an evening full of gossip and laughter with your BFF’s . .. And let’s be honest, a night of binge watching chick flicks is way more fun than any date!


3. BFF Bag's

Forget roses and chocolates, we’re all about giving BFF bags! 

Whether they are small party bags or gift boxes, why not treat your gals to some seriously cute token gifts? – We’re thinking face masks, cookies and all the pampering goodness!


4. Shopping Like a Queen

There's no better way to celebrate being single with your gals than treating yourself to the most fabulous shopping trip EVER!

A shopping trip might seem like your typical girls activity but Galentine’s Day has no spending limit! That’s right gals; it’s time to indulge yourself. Yes your purse might take a beating, but no one wants to regret not buying that pink fluffy coat right?


5. Total Food Heaven

You know us gals are total foodies and when an occasion arises, there’s no stopping us from eating ALL the carbs!

Whether you spend the day baking with your gals, or you just fill your shopping trolley with all the sweet treats, the beauty of Galentine’s Day is that it’s the perfect time for some serious binge eating, (we’re not even sorry).

OBVS us gals are going for something chocolatey and delicious – how incredible do these cookies look!


Written By Lizzie Robinson