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    Introducing our Gold and Silver Double-Plated Earrings!

    The right pair of earrings has the ability to glamorise any outfit. From sparkly bows and simple studs, through to dazzling diamante hoops, Coconut Lane has an array of stunning pieces to elevate your look. Jewellery is one of the easiest ways to express yourself, and earrings are some of the easiest to wear. Whether you’re heading to a party or to the office, slipping a pair on has an amazing ability to lift our spirits.

    One of the delights of earrings is how versatile they are. Many of our designs can be worn at both formal and informal occasions, making them an excellent investment.

    Love the opulence of gold, or do you prefer the sophistication of silver? No problem! Our beautiful earrings are available in 18ct gold double-plated brass or silver
    double-plated brass. Both look amazing and complement a range of looks. Whether you’re after eye-catching, baroque, cute or intricate designs, you’ll find them among our selection.

    They also come complete with a free velvet gift pouch, so are ideal for giving immediately. This pouch can also be used to store the earrings afterwards. Whether you know someone with a birthday or anniversary coming up, they will be a lovely surprise.

    Made from 100% waterproof and tarnish-free materials, they’re long-lasting and
    affordable. Coconut Lane never sells jewellery with a short expiration date. With our tarnish-free guarantee, you’ll never have to worry about these earrings going green. Instead, they’ll stay as scintillating as the day they were bought.