There is no doubt that all of our chicas have thought about Summer, beach days and holidays during this crazy time. Wouldn't it just be dreamy to pack a suitcase and jet off to paradise with your besties? Don't give up hope hun! Good things come to those who wait and we are manifesting our Summer plans to happen but for now, it has to be a distant plan and dream.

Here are our top things we are looking forward to this Summer and we know our Coconut Lane babes will agree...



The sun literally makes everything better. Feeling the hot rays on your skin, the smell of suncream and wearing cute summery dresses sounds so good right now. There is nothing better than a tan, a cocktail and warm weather.

sunny london



How badly do you want to feel the sand between your toes and the waves crashing against your ankles? Beach days are one of our favourite things at Coconut Lane. Picture a white sandy beach, glistening blue waters, palm trees and coconuts, watermelon and cute bikinis. Wanna teleport together?

beach day



It goes without saying, holidays are the ONE. The exciting feeling at the airport, getting off the plane to the warm, tropical air, wearing your cute as can be summer wardrobe, the smell of suncream on your skin, the weather, new cultures and people, the list goes ON. Total relaxation is not a want but a need, who agrees?

summer holiday



Not everything dreamy and summery happens abroad you know. Simple activities with your BFFL's like a picnic in the park on a summers day is just as cute, fun and makes us so happy. Strawberries and cream, fruit smoothies, yummy sandwiches and treats... an ideal selection right? There really is nothing better than laughing with your friends in the sun whilst being in the beautiful outdoors.




The smell of a good BBQ is the ultimate feel good, summery vibes we are all craving. There is nothing better is there! Whether you are a meat eater, a veggie or a vegan - BBQ's are a summer essential. Nothing bad can happen when you're armed with a glass of Pimms and a plate full of hot dogs and potato salad right?




Summer wardrobes beat all other seasons! The patterns, the colours, the fabrics - they just work! Loose linens, floaty maxi dresses, co-ord sets and chunky sandals are a no brainer when it comes to a day out in the summer. Don't forget to add a Scrunchie to the mix too, long hair isn't too practical when its 28 degrees outside!

summer fashion



This is something EVERYONE misses *insert crying face here*. A huge part of a lot of peoples summers are music festivals - big or small! The atmosphere, the glitter, the excitement of live music and cold beer. There really is no place on earth like a festival is there.

music festival