Easter weekend is finally here and us gals at CL are getting super excited at the thought of indulging in all the chocolate – yes, the summer bod is currently on hold.

Now you know how much we like to bake, especially when there’s an occasion...and we believe Easter is the perfect time to go all out with the pastel colours, pretty chick decorations and mini eggs! Of course we would never turn down the gift of an Easter egg but this year we thought it was only right we put a spring in our step and blogged some Easter Sunday bakes... 

1. A Classic Easter Nest

Is it even Easter if you don’t have chocolate nests?! We think not!

So simple and SO easy to make, we’re literally obsessed with chocolate Easter nests. Whether you decide to use cornflakes, rice krispies or shredded wheat they are sure to taste delicious with a mixture of dark and milk chocolate! To really give the feel of a cute chick, we think drawing (with icing pens) a little face on a mini egg looks adorable!

For a simple but effective touch, try and get your hands on some pastel cupcake cases for your nests to sit in.


2. Cute Bunny Cupcakes

Every Queen loves a cupcake right?

We’re all about cute, delicious and Instagrammable bakes and these bunny cupcakes tick all the boxes! Perhaps a little trickier to master, they're perfect for sharing with your squad or enjoying with the family. Personally we like a vanilla sponge but you could go for any flavour that takes your Easter fancy.

For the icing we would keep it simple and buy ready made butter cream (we’re busy Queens), to make our lives a little easier. For the ears, we recommend buying marshmallows and cutting them in half!


3. Adorable Spring Cookies

Warning gals, these cookies are hard to say no to!

So pretty and perfect for making with your gals, we’re obsessed with these Easter cookies. Whether you keep them plain and simple or add some yummy chocolate chips, these cookies are all about the decorations and spring vibes.

Mix up a variety of pastel coloured icing, print out some seasonal themed templates and you’re on your way! 


4. Mini Egg Milkshakes

Totally Instagrammable and def appropriate for all you blogging babes, these milkshakes are a MUST for any Easter sleepover. Easy to make with either ice cream or your fave non-dairy milk, these milkshakes are incredibly indulgent and moorish.

To make these yummy treats you’ll need lots of chocolate sauce, mini eggs (or any Easter chocolates you prefer), whipped cream and a cute straw for decoration!


Happy Easter gals! 

Written By Lizzie Robinson