It’s almost that time of year when many students will be returning back or moving to university for the first time - wahoo! As exciting as this new chapter of life is, it can be extremely daunting at the same time. If you’re feeling anxious about the big move to university life - don’t stress! We’ve got some tips and tricks to help you huns along the way. 

1. Do what makes you comfortable 

Know your boundaries! Just because you are moving to a new area and starting a new chapter doesn’t mean you have to tackle everything that comes your way all at once. Take things at your own pace and one that makes you comfortable. 

 Make a packing list

Packing up your whole life to move to a new area isn’t the simplest job in the world. To make life easier for yourself, why not put a little bit of planning in place to help you pack your life up gradually. Note down your packing timelines in one of our desk planners or notebooks - we promise you won’t regret it! 

 Learn a few cooking staples 

If you’re a newbie in the kitchen and are concerned about catering for yourself, practice 5 easy meals that you know you can rely on. This may be a lot more simple than you think! Test them out at home first - we suggest things like pasta bakes, baked potatoes, fajitas - you just can’t go wrong!  

4. Learn about your university town 

Moving to a new area and not knowing anyone can be overwhelming to start with! To settle your nerves, we suggest doing your research and finding out the best hot spots and fun activities that you can look forward to attending with your new friends. 

5. Have fun! 

As daunting as this new chapter of life can be, just try to relax and enjoy yourself! Make new friends, try new things and just have the best time ever.

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