4 Ways to Spend #NationalLazyDay

Because here at CL HQ we're all about having our gals backs, we thought we should let you in on a little secret and tell you that today is potentially the best day EVER! Not just because it's Friday, but because today is.....#NationalLazyDay.

Not only is it the perfect excuse to do nothing, and literally be lazy but it means its totally acceptable to only leave you bed to get food - (we've got doughnuts waiting for us).

So with this fabulous day in mind huns, we thought we would give you our top 4 ways to spend your Lazy Friday...


1. There's No Need To Get Up

Now we know what you'll all be thinking, 'but I need to go to work today',now whilst this may be true, a simple snooze of the alarm is totally acceptable today right? Treat yourself to an extra 10-15 minutes of beauty sleep and your sure to feel like an absolute goddess!

- OR, if Friday is particularly busy for you, move this tip until tomorrow -

Make sure you treat yourself to a delicious breakfast or brunch as today is all about laziness and treats!


2. All The Bubbles

Now whether you start you morning with a bubbly soak in the bath or your saving it for the evening, a deep bubble bath is a lazy day must!

Using all your fave products, a pamper and bubble bath is the perfect way for you gals to relax and unwind from the stresses of being fabulous Queens.

Top tip: Light some candles, play some music and mute your phone - it's the only way to really switch off.


3. Carbs Glorious Carbs

To us, #NationalLazyDay means no cooking!

On a lazy day, who's got time to slave away cooking when we could just order take out instead. Whether you just indulge in all the cookies and carbs or order a family sized pizza for one, today you are totally entitled to indulge guilt free!

PS. We want extra cheese on our pizza.


4. Eat. Sleep. Netflix. Repeat

YAS Queens...We've saved the best til last.

#NationalLazyDay is the perfect time to do absolutely nothing but binge watch Netflix...We're talking snacks, snuggly blankets and a marathon of ALL our fave shows!

Right now gals we're loving:

-Friends (obvs)

-Suits (Meghan is our gal)

-Orange is The New Black (because who doesn't love drama)


Whatever you do today gals, just make sure it's lazy and fabulous!